Earphone cushions

Supra-aural Earphone Cushions. These are available in Blue and Red, clearly identify left and right, or Black. Also available are Pediatric Mini Earphone Cushions. These reduced diameter cushions minimize contact with the skin covering the cranial bone and provide compatibility with small ears. Both types of earphone cushions for audiometric headsets meet the requirements specified in ANSI S3.6,IEC 645 and ISO 389-1.

Headphone Cushion Covers Single Use are also available in STD and Large

And most rolls of chart paper Thermal and Non Thermal of different sizes we can supply.


Small and Large available in bags of 100

Disposable earphone covers are ideal for earphones used with screening and testing equipment. All are Latex free and strong, rip resistant fabric with elastic which holds the covers securely in place.




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