Rem Tubes

Probe tubes are used with performing real ear measurements(REM). They include marker rings on each tube, to mark the ear canal dept. These are made from bio-compatible, latex free materials. They are single use and disposable, available in a variety of sizes and colours for different compatibility.


RED. Audioscan,Siemens, Madsen,MedRx,Interacoustics and Fry Systems.

BLUE. Siemens,Madsen. MedRx,Interacoustics, Inventis and Fry Systems

YELLOW. Audioscan, Siemens, Madsen,MedRx, Interacoustics and fry Systems.

Cat code

U76MBY Probe Tube Yellow

U76MBB Probe Tube Blue

U76MBR Probe Tube Red


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