KR (note other companies have this earip listed under 800 numbers ) incorrectly the original Grason Ass product. KR0,then size required these eartips fit :
Otoacoustic emission systems w/black probe for INTERACOUSTICS and MAICO: AT235,AA220,Eclipse,MT10,Otoread(1),Racecar MI22,MI23,MI24,MI26,MI34,MI44.AMPLIVOX; 102 white probe version. MADSEN/OTOMETRICS: Capella 2, Zodiac 901, Biologic AuDX Pro(+Flex) Neurosoft: Neuro-Audio,Oscilla: TSM 300/400+T800 Series. All GRASON GSI tympanometers grom GSI20-39+

Note Amplivox call these eartips AKR under 800 series numbers. We still also cover the Umbrella tips flat against the canal

OT And MO eartips we still supply these tips fit probes w/two holes for use w/OTODYNAMICS ECP,UGS, SNS, SGS Probes. The OT w/Triangle holes we supply OT2 then size. The MO Select range covers the Madsen OtoFlex other companies are saying this product is fading NOT SO this range we still supply.

IA0. Size range from 6mm to 18mm. But w/multi sizes also available in this range IA036 3-6mm, IA105 5-8mm, IA107 7-10mm then IA111 size range 11-15mm

These eartips cover Amplivox Otowave Clear Probe, Tympstare Pro,and GSI Corti.They will cover all older units Interacoustics Titan,AT235 clear,AA22Xclear,BET55, all the Eclipse,IMP440,MT5,MTP,and EP25. Madsen Zodiac, (not Zodiac 901 these are KR range Accuscreen is IA Maico EasyTymp clear, Race car Typm clear,MI34 clear, MI44 clear the none clear unit our KR range will fit ! MedRx Otowave. Clear is also IA range eartips.

Please note: There is also a GS range eartip range these cover GS Audera,Audi Screener,GSI70.

We also have a range of correctly fitted eartips for Welch Allyn units Micro Tymp, and Micro Typm 2.

The older Welch Allyn 262,39500 OAE Screener is coved by the KR range eartips.

This is a lot of information to take in!!! Please call for information 07788402486, or 01753 754884.

IT select range:
For use with INTENTIS: Flute,Clarinet,Viola, RESONANCE e16m.r26m.r36m,r15c,r25c,r35c.

All the AuDX Eartips we also supply for OAE and foam tips, tree tips etc call for details or email.
[email protected]. 01753 754884. 07788402486.

We can if requested supply Amplivox ADI Sanibel range tips covers clear probes AMPLIVOX, all Otowave
versions,Titan, AT235, AA220,Eclipse,MT10, Sera,MAICO: Easy Typm etc call for details.

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