Bionix disposable Safe Ear Curettes

the Bionix Disposable Safe Ear Curettes are made of flexible polypropylene and are designed to bend upon encountering an obstacle but not break. They allow healthcare providers to safely and gently remove cerumen. Choose from a variety of styles. 6″ length. Available in a box of 50.

SAFE TOUCH Curretts Kit 50 small and 50 Large Single Use.

The Bionix next generation Lighted Ear Curette is designed to be a better, safer way for healthcare practitioners to remove ear wax/cerumen and foreign bodies. This new medical device offers enhanced visibility and control for safe, effective procedures. Pack includes 50 curettes per box, plus one Light Source, and one Magnification Lens.

Safe Touch Curettes a disposable Curette package 50 small and 50 large These curettes are intended for professional use by persons trained in cerumen management We also supply other Curettes for cerumen management like the Bionix range.

Mix Single Use sizes can be supplied.

Code 700

Lighted Curettes mix pkt 10 of each size Total 50 units each pkt also contains a Light Source & Lens

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