Ear Dams (Stops)

Ear Dams, often called oto-dams or oto blocks, are placed in the ear canal to protect the senisitive tissues of the eardrum from damaged during the impression taking process.

Foam vs. Cotton, While cotton dams are more cost effective, foam oto blocks have few advantages as well. They provide a better seal and are easier to insert into the ear canal because of the stiffness of the foam. They also leave a definite imprint on the end of the impression which makes it easy to determine the angle of the canal. Both foam and cotton come with a removal string.

Vented vs. Non-vented Vented ear dams reduce the chances of a vacuum developing in the ear canal when taking an impression by allowing air flow through the dam and into the ear canal. This will reduce the discomfort for the patient and make it easier to remove the impression.

Note: we can supply all cotton, foam, vented  please call for details

W05038 Small grey

W05039 Medium white

W05040 Large Blue

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