MOTO Ear Protection

Motor Bike Riders, Part Number 121227   Noise levels in a motorcycle helmet at 100Kmh are typically 95-105dB. This is far above the widely accepted safe noise exposure level of 85B. Meaning you have between 15 minutes and 2 hours of riding before you risk tinnitus or other noise induced hearing loss symptoms.   These […]


    KR (note other companies have this earip listed under 800 numbers ) incorrectly the original Grason Ass product. KR0,then size required these eartips fit : Otoacoustic emission systems w/black probe for INTERACOUSTICS and MAICO: AT235,AA220,Eclipse,MT10,Otoread(1),Racecar MI22,MI23,MI24,MI26,MI34,MI44.AMPLIVOX; 102 white probe version. MADSEN/OTOMETRICS: Capella 2, Zodiac 901, Biologic AuDX Pro(+Flex) Neurosoft: Neuro-Audio,Oscilla: TSM 300/400+T800 Series. […]

Select Series MO

The MO Select single use range fit certain newer instruments, mainly the Otoflex probe. A large selection of Kit Boxes are also available.

Select Series IT

The IT range of select series single use eartips were created in response to the popularity of some newer testing devices, as well as older testing devices which will fit this type of eartip.

Select Series IA

For OAE and tymp screening, these IA Select Series Single Use Eartips are made for specific instruments.  You should be able to meet or exceed the quality and ease of seal without the cost or liability of a reusable eartip

Select Series GS

The GS range of select series single use eartips were developed to fit your instrument correctly, all while providing the infection control of a single use eartip. You will find that these eartips provide a quality seal for your testing needs.

Select Series PM

The PM range of select series single use eartips were created in response to the popularity of some newer testing devices. For OAE, the mushroom style eartip of the PM0XX series is a great choice. For basic screening, the PM1XX eartips help simplify size selection while providing a quality seal.

Select Series WA

WA Select Series Single Use Eartips were designed to fit specific instruments. They came from the idea that single use eartips should not break the bank. These are offered in four sizes, they work well to help you reduce costs and improve your infection control program

Select Series OT

OT Select Series Single Use Eartips, were designed to fit two different variants of probe design. Both styles of the OT series help to keep costs low while providing a new clean eartip for every patient. This allows for better infection control without the costly process of sterilization for reuse. For Probes ECP, UGS,SNS,SGS   For […]

Multi-Size Single Use Eartips

The MF range was created with in mind a design that make fitting size less critical for simplified ear canal assessment and fast eartip selection. These will fit most of the popular brands as our clinical single use eartip. Available in large and small box kits also bags of 100 per size.