Ear Dams

EAR DAMS (Stops) Foam Dams can be supplied in Small, Medium, and Large. The same with the SLIM Foam Dams, all supplied in Bags of 50. Cotton Dams, are supplied in Bags of 50. These range from Mini code 121 all through to Small, Medium, to Large.  


Code 30303 Libby Horn STD Bag of 6 size 3mm We also can supply: Continuous Flow, Dry-Tube, Horn Tube, Preformed Tubes

The Best Syringe

The Compact design of THE BEST Syringe is suitable for any size hand. The syringe holds enough impression material for one complete ear impression. To help guard against infections the specula tips are single use, we also can supply these. Yellow smiley face for kids available. We also supply a clear syringe in the same […]