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The 9910 is more of a diagnostic audiometer, covering 125Hz up to 8KHz, from 10db up to 100db, with 2 large backlit LCD Screens. With Auto and Manual controls and Continuous or Pulsed sound output. Comes complete with carrying case, patient Response hand switch. Standard Version with Standard Headphones or HAD 300 Headset. Details  


This unit is particularly suitable for schools and Healthcare screening. The unit is ultra-portable one simple and single connection to your PC with a USB Link.                                                          


The HEARPLUGZ Attenuation Study was conducted from 50dBa to 110dBa verifying how NRR values increase as noise levels increase. When compared to average performances from solid ear protection, HEARPLUGZ clearly demonstrate the ability to hear critical sounds better while suppressing unwanted noise. Supply in three different sizes: Small 7-11mm red Medium 10-13mm orange Large 12-16mm


The Compact design of THE BEST Syringe is suitable for any size hand. The syringe holds enough impression material for one complete ear impression. To help guard against infections the specula tips are single use, we also can supply these. Yellow smiley face for kids available. We also supply a clear syringe in the same


Description Code 30303 Libby Horn STD Bag of 6 size 3mm     Description Code 30304 Libby Horn STD Bag of size 4mm   We also can supply: Continuous Flow, Dry-Tube, Horn Tube, Preformed Tubes Give us a call for other details regarding Tubes 


EAR DAMS (Stops)     Description Foam Dams can be supplied in Small, Medium, and Large. The same with the SLIM Foam Dams, all supplied in Bags of 50.     Discreption Cotton Dams, are supplied in Bags of 50. These range from Mini code 121 all through to Small, Medium, to Large.    


Code 700 SAFE TOUCH Curretts Kit 50 small and 50 Large Single Use.       CURETTES Safe Touch Curettes a disposable Curette package 50 small and 50 large These curettes are intended for professional use by persons trained in cerumen management We also supply other Curettes for cerumen management like the Bionix range.  


Supra-aural Earphone Cushions. These are available in Blue and Red, clearly identify left and right, or Black. Also available are Pediatric Mini Earphone Cushions. These reduced diameter cushions minimize contact with the skin covering the cranial bone and provide compatibility with small ears. Both types of earphone cushions for audiometric headsets meet the requirements specified

REM Tubes

Code 76109MB40 Bag 40 Code U76MBY40 Bag 40 Description These are good value Bags supplied in pkts of 40 We can supply the Red REM Tubes but not as a stock item.  


Heini Specula Des Code B1128 Single Use, Bag 100 Size 2.5mm Des Code B1127 Single Use, bag 100 Size 4mm These Heini Specula are Single Use disposable Otoscope tips, and are also compatible with several otoscopes. Please call for free sample We also supply the KaWe, Heini and most of the Welch Allyn range, including